How to make a romantic weekend special?

How to make a romantic weekend special?

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Let’s be fair: there is nothing like escaping the daily life routine with a weekend away. No meal planning, no house work, no schedules to be respected… A weekend away from home sometimes feels like that well deserved and needed breath in the middle of a long marathon of stressful life and work commitments. There is no secret that time off for just the two of you can bring so much more excitement, connection and intimacy to a relationship, no matter if you’re a new or an established couple. So when you finally get a chance to plan a trip, you want it to be really special and memorable. Check our tips to make this happen!

Go somewhere you haven’t been before and do something you both haven’t done

The excitement of a new discovery together is a great way to reconnect and to share that “first time” of something. Finding yourself in a new territory, especially when you have spent the last few months trapped in a house on the same old schedule, is priceless for both of you. It’s all about a little bit of adventure and “figuring it out” together as a couple.

Book a massage for two

Work hard, play hard. And what a wonderful way to completely relax and leave all thoughts behind you with a massage?! Make it for two, and have it done in your hotel room at the same time- a great way to create some intimacy and get in the right mood for a bit of romance! Not only your partner will thank you for that, but well, your body too.

Choose secluded accommodation with outdoor spa

Why not take this even further, when you choose your accommodation? Look for that secluded accommodation that is off the beaten path, with possibly a hot spa or an outdoor bath. Usually you can find such a set up in some private cottages and houses to rent which typically come with a beautiful view to admire while soaking together in the hot water. Unplug, smile, be happy.

Go picnic with a stunning view

It’s really simple, low budget and yet a wonderful way to spend time together. Prep a blanket, a platter of some tasty cheeses and cold meats, grapes, dips, crackers and of course your favourite bottle of wine (don’t forget the bottle opener!) and off you go! A picnic outdoor with some delicious food would make you feel disconnected from the rest, closer to each other and the nature around you.

Go with the wind, literally

If you want to bring up the game and for a truly unique experience, think of ballooning! Many companies offer this service especially in the wine regions. A booking well in advance might be required.

Sail away on a sunset cruise

If your destination is on the coast, try to look for a sunset cruise experience. Admiring the sunset has always been one of the most romantic activities to do, and many of the companies offer some nibbles and bubbles at the same time!

Add some champagne & chocolates

Well, bubbles and chocolate have always been a synonym of love and romance- why not add it in your getaway too? Whether you decide to opt in for a private in-room chocolate and bubbles experience or to attend a chocolate tasting, it would be fun, sweet and cheeky!

Spend actual quality time together

Easier said than done sometimes, force yourselves to not talk about “hot” topics during your romantic weekend just because you have the time now. Talking about the budget or your finances while in the hot spa won’t make the numbers be different, so just put that away for when you get back. Enjoy the time together, smile, do nothing, sleep in, or whatever else makes you feel good to be together.

Bring a real camera

Smartphones can be pretty good in pictures nowadays, but here is a hint that might save your weekend away. Being overwhelmed by 15 different notifications from social media or messages from family and friends, while you take pictures wouldn’t be nice and will definitely distract you from the purpose of the trip! Plus, being in front of a real camera is way more fun and adds something special to it.

A few simple ideas for a great time away, together. And if that’s not enough and you still aren’t sure how to make this weekend really memorable or don’t have time to plan it, simply book a cheeky weekend with us and we will think of everything, zero worries.

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